Steal These 5 Ideas to Increase Sales on Your Website

5 Ideas to Increase Sales On Your Website

5 Ideas to Increase Sales On Your Website

“How can I make money from my website?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions Funnls customers ask us. They understand that they need a website, but not how having one will help their business?

Yet, most businesses have a potential goldmine with their website that only requires a few tweaks to their current website.

Here are 5 ideas you can use to increase your website sales.

#1: Improve Your Call to Action

According to studies, over 70% of business websites lack a call to action on their website. This means that only 30% of business owners provide an actionable plan to turn prospects into clients on their website.

The biggest question most businesses ask is what is a call to action? A call to action is a method marketers use to get website visitors to respond to their marketing immediately. Phrases with action words, such as “Call Now”, “Visit our Store”, and “Free SEO Report” are common examples.

Good call to actions include:

  • Ask prospects to sign up to your email newsletter
  • Set up a free consultation
  • View product demonstrations
  • Download white papers and case studies
  • Provide special offers to sign up (E.G. free seo report)
  • Like your Facebook fan page

Essentially, any way you can encourage visitors to become prospects for your company requires a call to action.

Real Life Example

TG Stores ecommerce site provides outdoor apparel for bikers and runners. To help increase their conversion rate, they recently updated their call to action in a test.

By adding four call to actions to guide users to their Men and Women’s Cycling and Running stores they increased the number of visitors to their Shop Cycling (Men) store by 96.5%, while increasing their traffic to their Shop Running (Men) store by 104.5%.

The effect was not as pronounced for the women store. This shows how small changes in how you ask clients to use your services make a difference with the right audience.

#2. Use Testimonials to Bolster Your Claims

The internet is full of offers for almost any product imaginable. Claims are made on a daily basis online that could hurt your neck from all the whiplash.

In many many cases, website visitors instantly distrust how you can help them. Remember that the news constantly has stories about people being scammed on the internet. Every visitor wants to make sure they are not the next story on the 9 O’Clock news.

That is why you customer testimonials are vital social proof that you deliver on your promises.. Remember that your best sales pitch comes from someone else who does not have a vested interest in whether you close the deal.

Qualified testimonials help you achieve this. Video testimonials and links to customers social media profiles provide instantly credibility for the testimonial.

Do not use the 1990s version of S.S. from Maine said, “this product changed my life.” Too generic, and too much room for skepticism from modern website users.

#3 Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

You probably heard this 100 times, so welcome to 101. You need to optimize your website for search engines to find you.

We can write an entire blog post about search engine optimization. Oh wait! We did! Instead of repeating ourselves, our posts on Don’t Waste Money on SEO and Over Optimization: Signs Your Website is Over SEO’d will give you a firm foundation for understanding SEO.

Finally, check out our Free SEO Report to discover how you can improve your search engine optimization for your website.

#4 Make It Easy to Navigate Your Site

We once worked with a client who told us their website was complicated, because they wanted to see who had the persistence to work with their business.

Don’t do that!

If you want to build a website, you should make it easy enough for a senior citizen with no internet experience and bad vision easily understand.

Here are a few ways you can simplify your site navigation.

  • Keep your navigation bar to one line. Generally include between 2-7 main pages on the navigation bar.
  • Users should not need to click through more than three pages to solve their problem.
  • Ask a kindergartner to look through your site. If they cannot find the destination for your page, then you need to simplify.

#5 Accessible Contact Information

Finally, you need to ask yourself how easy it is for visitors to contact you. Here are two key questions you need to ask to know if your contact information is accessible to readers.

  1. Do you have a phone number above the fold on the homepage of your website?
  2. Do you have an easy to use contact form that does not include 100 annoying required fields?

Phone Number- Ideally post your phone number on every page on your website. However, at a minimum your homepage and contact page should have a number where clients can reach you.

While a phone number is not required for all business transactions, remember that you are losing business by not including your phone number. While many savvy Millennials have no problem contacting you via email, chat, or even your fan page, this is not true for those who serve Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Contact Form- While not always as popular as a phone number, contact form can help. They only work, however, when you keep them simple and easy to use.

Never…Ever…EVER…include more than 3-5 fields in a sales contact form. Some established financial and insurance companies get away with this, but even then they use multi-page sign up forms where the first page only asks for their name, phone number, and email address.

This is done for one reason, and one reason only. They know that the more fields a customer has to fill out, the greater the likelihood they will leave your site.

Take ImageScape for example. Their website contact form had 11 different fields. When they reduced that number to 4 fields, they saw an increase in conversions from 5.4% to 11.6%. Essentially, they doubled the number of leads who filled out the form to learn more about their services.

Keep it simple, and respond quickly when prospects do fill out your form. That is key to succeeding with contact forms.


Building your website has changed significantly over the years. In the early days, website owners could toss up a bare minimum website that would make money solely on the fact that there were few competitors.

In today’s competitive environment, however, you need to make sure that you have the right features and look on your site to convert your prospects into clients. The steps we discussed above will help you accomplish these goals.


With that in mind, let us know if there is any way we can help with updating your website processes to bring in more clients.

website design ideas

website design ideas


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